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Daily Supplements.

Five Supplements for Everyday Health

Supplements can be a valuable addition to a standard health regimen in many individuals. However, these supplements can never substitute for a poor diet or…

Daily statin medications.

Are Statins the Answer?

Statin drugs are one of the most prescribed medicines in the United States. Statins are two of the top 10 prescribed medications in the United…

Weightlifting to build muscle mass.

Muscle Mass and Longevity

There are innumerable recommendations regarding the achievement of longevity. The treatments vary from supplements, lifestyle changes, and hormonal therapies. Many of these recommendations involve some…

Cholesterol Blood test.

Importance of the Triglyceride to HDL Ratio

I commonly review the cholesterol panel of individuals after their doctor prescribes statin therapy for elevated cholesterol. Invariably, patients and physicians focus on the total…

Healthy and balanced Diet.

Mind Your Eating and Help Your Mind

  It is well known that our gut and brain have a strong relationship. This gut-brain connection includes various transmitters and proteins that facilitate cognition….

Learning to live in harmony.

Five Things

Men and women share a common humanity, but that is where the similarities seem to diverge. I am not a psychologist or a therapist, but…

The Wonders of PickleBall-A Cardiologist’s Perspective

Pickleball is fast becoming one of the most popular adult sports in the United States. Its similar cousin (Paddleball) is also a rising sport in…

Finding Peace.

Find Peace

Driving amidst a kaleidoscope of bumper stickers, I often encounter the timeless message: “Give Peace a Chance.” While the sentiment is commonly associated with war…

Is grilling healthy?

What I Should Know About TMAO

Elevated levels of TMAO may contribute to the risk of vascular thrombosis, including strokes and heart attacks. Individuals with elevated blood levels of TMAO have…

Heart Care

Heart Calcium, Statins and Paradoxes

The Coronary Calcium Score (CCS) or Heart Calcium Score is an effective way to quantify the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries. The average…